Lighting up the coast on Tybee Island, Georgia

A little over four hour’s drive north from the east coast of Central Florida, is Tybee Island, Georgia. Tybee Island is home to the beach that Savannah, Georgia residents use. Just across the Intracoastal Waterway, it’s a world apart from Savannah’s crowded, tourist-packed River Street district. The drive over from Savannah takes you past the… Continue reading Lighting up the coast on Tybee Island, Georgia

Going to the dogs

When we’re not in a particular hurry, we find that traveling the back roads can be infinitely more intriguing than charging down the black topped congested interstate. Driving west from Huntsville, Alabama, heading to Iuka, Mississippi, we were getting tired and a little bored after spending the previous day on the road. Along US Highway… Continue reading Going to the dogs

Road tripping with Mom

Have you ever taken a spur-of-the-moment trip? That’s what I’m doing later this month; traveling with my elderly (89-years old) mother on a journey down memory lane.  We’re going to visit some of the places she lived while growing up in the southeast. No more armchair travel for her! My mother is determined to make… Continue reading Road tripping with Mom

Sweet and bitter times at New Smyrna Sugar Mill Ruins

There’s a little dirt and gravel one-lane path that winds off the asphalt paved surface of Mission Road, southwest of the New Smyrna Beach Post Office. Look for a narrow entrance between cedar and palm trees just west of the intersection of Mission Drive and Old Mission Road. Don’t blink or glance down to check… Continue reading Sweet and bitter times at New Smyrna Sugar Mill Ruins

Trekking across the dunes at New Smyrna Dunes Park

Not far from the New Smyrna Beach Coast Guard Station in Volusia County, Florida, is the entrance to the New Smyrna Dunes Park. The park consists of about 73 acres and encompasses five ecosystems (dunes, scrub zone, saltwater marsh, ocean, and river). The dunes are the primary ecosystem on display. The park supports a variety… Continue reading Trekking across the dunes at New Smyrna Dunes Park

Maui Madness

The Hawaiian Islands consist of some 136 islands, islets, atolls, and coral reefs. However, only seven islands are inhabited. These consist of the big island of Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Niihau, Lanai and Molokai. These islands are some of the destinations on many people’s bucket list. Over the years, I’ve visited all but one of… Continue reading Maui Madness

On the road with the mother load

Traveling with a person with absolutely no directional sense can be a challenge. My 89-year old mother is a case in point. Forget the adage that age and experience trump youth. Mom can’t read a road map. At all. Never could, even in her younger years. Perhaps it’s because she didn’t get her driver’s license… Continue reading On the road with the mother load

Heading over to Hontoon Island

Hontoon Island State Park is a great little spot for day-tripping or overnight camping. Southwest of the city of DeLand in west Volusia County, Florida, the park is a favorite destination for many. At just over 1,650 acres in size, and about 9½ miles in circumference, it takes a little while to explore. Various people… Continue reading Heading over to Hontoon Island